Thyssengas. Natural gas logistics with service and ideas.

The rapidly changing energy market is faced by ever greater and more demanding challenges. We meet these challenges through our clear customer focus, innovative technology and high-quality service: Thyssengas GmbH, natural gas logistics with service and ideas.

Thyssengas GmbH has become even larger and more productive. You can now benefit from the unique wealth of experience of our 290 specialists and their vision of a new era of energy.

Thyssengas GmbH is an independent company. Every year, it transports up to 10 billion cubic metres of natural gas via 4,200 kilometres of underground transmission pipelines, ensuring that it arrives where it is needed safely and without harming the environment. We want to actively shape the future and optimise the natural gas logistics required by our customers. Which is why we have joined NetConnect Germany. Together with our current and potential future partners, we wish to further develop the NCG market area over the long term to create one of the most liquid gas markets in Europe.